Father Nick Adam, Associate Pastor of St. Richard Catholic Church, Jackson MS and recently appointed Director of Vocations, organized a group of young ladies (and some of their mothers and a grandmother) to visit the convents of several religious orders of nuns in our area. The purpose of the visits was to offer the young ladies who may have a calling to religious life, an opportunity to come and see what that calling is about and help them discern whether they are being called to serve God as a nun. They came to the Daughters of Divine Providence convent Friday evening, September 27th and spent a few hours with Sister Barbara and Sister Bernardetta getting to know them, their mission, and their life. They had an open dialogue with the Sisters about their daily lives and how they came about making the decision to become a nun. They spent the night at the convent and after breakfast the next morning they departed to go to Mass then headed back home to MS. The Sisters advised them to continue to pray, to examine their current relationship with Jesus because He wants them to be on fire for Him, and to continue to be strong Catholic women by being excited about their relationship with Jesus. Below are some photos from their visit to the Daughters of Divine Providence convent.