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Desire to abandon oneself in search of ones call to serve the church and its people

Aptitude for both prayer and community life

Good physical and psychological health

Between age 18-35


As a model of abandonment to Divine Providence, she does not rely upon herself and seeks to be humble.

She is a shining manifestation of Providence for her sisters and all the people whom God places in her.  She lives a life of simplicity and joy, which always accompanies her gift of self to the people entrusted to her care.

Recognizing Christ-Crucified and Risen as the source of the spirituality of the Daughters of Divine Providence, she commits herself in the manner of Saint Paul, Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria, and the congregation's founders.

Following the example of the foundress, Mother Elena Bettini, she recognizes the Pope as her spiritual Father, submitting herself to his teaching and direction.

Responding to the needs and call of the local Church, she places herself at its service by her ministry.

"Love the truth above all and show by your every word and deed that you cherish it in your heart".   -  Mother Elena BettinI