Founded by Mother Elena Bettini on September 8, 1832 in Rome, the Daughters of Divine Providence is an international canonical community of religious women who are called by God to a life of poverty, obedience and chastity for the sake of the Kingdom.  They strive to follow Christ in his Church in prayer and in service with a boundless trust in Divine Providence".   

Today, the Daughters of Divine Providence minister in Italy, the United States, Mexico, Chile, India, Poland and Brazil.   As a Marian congregation, the Sisters foster a great devotion to Mary under her title "Our Lady of Divine Providence" and recognize Saint Joseph as a special patron and protector.  Finding their strength and consolation in the Eucharist, the Daughters of Divine Providence engage in ministries to the least, the abandoned and the poor.  The American Delegation consists of one community of Sisters in the United States.   

We are happy to share with you our story, the beauty of a charism which is a spiritual gift that everyday calls us to experience the amazement to be daughters of God in the serene faith of abandoning to His provident love.  We find ourselves wherever we are called in obedience to live out love and service on poverty's pathway in every part of the world. 


We are the Daughters of Divine Providence, called to be "signs" of the providence of God that falls on every creature with the Father's love.  We are a religious congregation that becomes "providence" in the life of prayer and fraternal communion; through our apostolic services in the preferred field of education, reaching out to the elderly, to families, to the least of every nationality and every country: we witness everywhere with serene faith and with faithful abandonment to Divine Providence.